How to Manage a Remote Workforce

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by | December 10, 2014

Before the advent of laptops and the rise of remote and mobile workers, when problems occurred IT departments knew where to go to fix them – the devices that needed tending to were all likely to be somewhere in the office.

Modern IT pros have no such luck. Whether in satellite offices, telecommuting or operating as road warriors, workers are now much more dispersed. To make things even more complicated, remote workers rarely only have one device, such as a laptop, with them now. This is not a trend that can or will be reversed; the new reality is an expectation of ubiquitous access to applications and data at any time of the day or night and all with a requirement for security against a much more diverse range of cyber threats.

The fact that these workers are so far removed from the IT staff makes it harder to keep systems updated and performing well, never mind fixing them when they break. The business staff are not going to come back to the office to have their systems fixed and the IT professional cannot go out to fix them one by one in the field. Companies need solutions to address this problem in a way that supports the requirements of the business without spiralling costs of IT service delivery.

The security issue

The biggest issue is that machines used by remote workers are harder to protect than those used in-house as there are several issues that put these devices at greater risk.



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