Managing Licensing Complexities in the Datacenter

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by | April 21, 2016

Enterprise software licensing has had to evolve as datacenter solutions have matured. The technologies available to run and manage datacenters are extremely advanced, enabling resources to be adapted rapidly to suit business needs.

However, with this amount of flexibility comes risk. The licenses available to cover these technologies are equally flexible and complex so it’s all too easy to become unstuck. Without proper management that could mean non-compliance with licensing agreements, and ultimately a high financial risk in the event of an audit.

But it needn’t be like that. With the right data, insights and licensing know-how, the burden of license management can be significantly reduced.  Just as importantly, stakeholders throughout the business, such as datacenter managers, are empowered to effectively plan datacenter resourcing because they can be fully aware of the consequences of the decisions they make.




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