Managing Software & IT Assets via the Cloud

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by | October 30, 2015

There are many reasons for an organisation to move to the cloud, we find the most popular to be the reduction in costs as a result of moving from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

With cloud computing being taken up so rapidly and by so many, it’s hardly surprising that cloud security is a high priority.

By migrating to the cloud, an organisation is effectively moving data from internal storage, into a third party’s. It is imperative that the way in which that data is stored is scrutinised in order to ensure compliance with industry regulations, for an internal cloud solution, this may take the form of internal compliance checks or service line agreements. An external cloud solution means liaising with the vendor regarding the type of data being stored, how it is protected and how security will be audited to meet with industry regulations. These regulations are constantly changing to keep up with the explosion of cloud computing, and it’s fair to say that organisations may struggle to meet their legal obligations surrounding the data stored in the cloud­, it goes beyond data storage.



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