Microsoft Announces Open Licensing for EMS

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by | March 11, 2015

Microsoft (MSFT) announced a new open licensing model for its Enterprise Mobility Suite, giving distributors and resellers the ability to sell the company’s cloud solutions with added value and lowering the barrier to entry for customers.

As of March 1, EMS is available through open licensing, so partners no longer need to purchase the suite through an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft. By providing its partner ecosystem with openly licensed cloud services, Microsoft said it will be possible for distributors and resellers to sell additional cloud services to their small and midsized customers.

And beginning in early March, Microsoft Action Pack subscribers as well as silver and gold competency partners gain access to EMS and Azure AS Basic as part of their Internal Use Rights benefits. According to Microsoft, the move will help subscribers and partners to run their businesses, demo EMS to customers and perform internal development and testing.



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