Microsoft announces Windows 10 and Azure for humanity’s implacable IoT foes

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by | March 18, 2015

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 for the Internet of Things and an Azure IoT suite.

The software giant said on Monday that Windows 10 would be delivered for a “diverse set of IoT devices” under the new moniker.

Microsoft announced the Windows branch at the Convergence 2015 conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 for Internet of Things means one version of Windows that covers universal applications, along with different drivers.

It’s believed Windows 10 for IoT uses OneCore, the shared architecture Microsoft is working on for different versions of Windows.

OneCore includes common DLLs and application platform layer with different APIs and features used according to device by Universal Apps.

Windows 10 for IoT will span a “wide range” of devices, from low-footprint controllers such as gateways to more powerful devices like ATMs and robots.



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