Microsoft Licensing Update – Secure Productive Enterprise Offer

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by | November 29, 2016

A new Microsoft Licensing option was recently announced by the Redmond giant that combines the latest technology across Windows, Office 365, Enterprise mobility and security. A new SKU offers a licensing solution across enterprise security, productivity, analytics and voice solutions.

This addresses the increasing concerns felt by organizations over security:

  • In 2015 alone, 160 million customer records were compromised, costing businesses an average of $3M per breach.
  • The #1 obstacle to corporate IoT adoption through 2017 is considered to be security.
  • 1.5 million fraudulent login attempts are currently deflected by Microsoft each day for their consumer online services.
  • 89% of 2015 data breaches had a motive relating to theft or espionage.
  • Companies are expected to spend $202 billion a year on cybersecurity tools by 2021, up 66% from this year.



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