Microsoft looks to open its Windows

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by | April 16, 2015

How things change: whereas only a few years ago Windows was my main platform for work, last year before I knocked off for the summer holidays, I realised that if Microsoft disappeared, life would go on without skipping a beat.

Ubiquitous fast internet connections, cloud-based apps and storage and open source software together mean there aren’t many situations for which your typical Kiwi business would have to go down the Windows route.

To its credit, Microsoft knows this, and is adjusting to the new reality. This month, one of Microsoft’s senior super techies, Mark Russinovich, even said that the company is thinking about making Windows open source (

That’s right – no more trash-talking of Linux from Redmond.

Instead, Microsoft’s Azure cloud loves the Penguin operating system, and Russinovich said about a fifth of all virtual machines on it are Linux based.



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