Microsoft News Dominates Top 10 Desktop Developments of 2014

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by | January 12, 2015

SearchEnterpriseDesktop’s Microsoft news coverage this year will look familiar to longtime readers. Desktops and other enterprise endpoints continued their inexorable march to newer operating systems in 2014. While Windows XP remained in use at nearly a quarter of organizations, IT administrators had to choose between Windows 7 (whose own support is also ending), Windows 8.1 and waiting for Windows 10.

In other popular articles this past year, HP’s split into separate PC and services companies may benefit PC users, Office 365 licensing terms were altered to help smaller businesses, and organizations have many options when planning migrations. Mobile computing and increasing interest in the cloud may overshadow desktops and laptops, but those devices aren’t going away anytime soon.

Below are our top 10 news stories of the past year. What did you think were the biggest desktop developments of 2014, and what would you like us to cover in 2015? Let us know in the comments!



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