by | September 5, 2016

What is the difference between a review and an audit?

There are two letters that you might receive from Microsoft that will likely make you sit-up and take notice. The first is a request for a ‘Software Asset Management Review’. The second is a notice of an audit. Although for many, SAM Reviews are regarded as the ‘new audit’, there are in fact some fundamental differences between the two processes and how you should react to, and manage them.

If you’re responsible for managing Microsoft software licensing in a smaller organization, you might even receive a third type of communication, which is an invitation to ‘self-certify’ your Effective License Position for the Microsoft applications and operating systems in use across your IT estate.  More on that later.

In this blog, we will focus primarily on the differences between a Microsoft SAM Review and an audit and what that means to you as a Microsoft customer.



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