Microsoft to hike enterprise cloud pricing

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by | July 9, 2015

With price increases set for Microsoft’s business cloud products, including Azure, Office 365, CRM Online and Enterprise Mobility Suite, in a number of regions, Microsoft has remained quiet about its pricing strategy for the US. The price increase will affect customers in much of Europe, Canada and Australia starting August 1.

Email correspondence between Microsoft and Aidan Finn, Hyper-V MVP and Technical Sales Lead for a Dublin distributor, reveals that Microsoft plans on increasing prices by as much as 26 per cent for some of its products.

“Microsoft periodically assesses our pricing to ensure there is reasonable alignment with the market. In light of the rapid evolution of the market for cloud services and evolving local dynamics, we can confirm that as of August 1, 2015, we will adjust prices for most enterprise cloud products within the EU/EFTA region,” Microsoft told ZDNet, confirming that UK pricing remains unaffected.



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