Microsoft’s SQL Server-on-Linux Won’t Arrive Until Next Year

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by | March 23, 2016

Microsoft has provided more details about its SQL-Server-on-Linux strategy, a previously unimaginable new coupling that will see Microsoft’s popular database software, SQL Server, appear on Linux operating systems for the first time.

As my SiliconANGLE colleague James Farrell pointed out at the time Microsoft’s decision became public knowledge, the move is firmly aligned with CEO Satya Nadella’s priority to transform the Redmond firm into a seller of ‘services’, as opposed to ‘products’.

In a new blog post, Microsoft’s Takeshi Numoto reveals that SQL Server 2016 will be shipped out later this year, following the launch of the first release candidate this spring. As for SQL Server for Linux, this is being penciled in for a tentative mid-2017 launch date.



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