Millennials are Changing the SAM Game

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by | July 30, 2015

Enterprise mobility is here & needs your attention now

More than one in three American workers today are so-called “Millennials” (i.e. they turned 21 after the turn of the century) and this year the Millennial generation is forecast to surpass Baby Boomers as the largest living generation.

Unlike their forebears, this latest generation of working-age men and women have grown up in the digital age and have a markedly different attitude to how they consume IT for both personal and business purposes.  Whereas Baby Boomers and Generation X workers expected to supplied with the tools necessary to do their jobs, Millennials don’t wait; they just go out and get what they want, from wherever is easiest to get it.

This is the generation that’s really driving the adoption of mobile IT and BYOD.  According to various sources, upwards of 60% of employees now use personal devices for work.  In reality, organizations have little or no choice as to whether they embrace this change.



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