More staff shopping their bosses on unlicensed software

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by | June 26, 2015

The number of staff blowing the whistle on employers using unlicensed software is on the up, according to the BSA.

Between 2013 and 2014, the number of workers who shopped their bosses to the authorities rose by 50 per cent. The industry body made the claims as it launched its Fact of Fiction campaign which aims to make SMBs more aware of the risks of using unlicensed software.

The BSA estimates that almost a quarter of software in the UK is used without a licence. Staff who come forward to the body and report their employers are rewarded with up to £10,000.

BSA senior counsel for EMEA Warren Weertman said more staff are plucking up the courage to report their employers.

“The facts don’t lie – using unlicensed software is risky,” he said. “A recent study showed a clear correlation between unlicensed software use and malware, suggesting that many organisations are opening themselves up to cybersecurity risks. Plus, with more employees prepared to shop their bosses, the risk of paying damages for using unlicensed software is increasing too.”



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