Moving to ITSM: Say Hello to the ITSM Journey Finish Line

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by | September 5, 2016

Bring out the confetti! You did it! Your journey is complete and your ITSM vendor has been chosen. Let’s recap the steps you went through to get to this point:

Look From Within You Must. You’re armed with your internal requirements. There’s clarity in which departments are involved, who the internal players are, and what solutions requirements they have. You know what is needed and are on the path to becoming an ITSM Jedi.

Who You Gonna Call? Unlike the Ghostbusters that had no competition, the SaaS ITSM world has many choices. Understand the areas to consider on your search, from security and support to usability and contractual flexibility. Arm yourself to ask the right questions.

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore. Don’t feel lost! You have a lot of options to find and research ITSM vendors. Explore user review sites like Capterra, analysis sites like Gartner, and vendor content.

Hone Your Inner Cyclops. Take that laser vision of yours to see ITSM solutions in action via a demo or trial. Make sure the vendor understands your use case to get the information you are specifically looking for. Seeing is believing.



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