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by | August 30, 2019

For IT admins, juggling licenses can be a complicated task. You might be managing specific editions or models of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops from a number of deployments. But what if you could monitor your on-prem deployments through the Citrix Cloud console? With the new License Server Usage Insights, you can!

Simplify Licensing Management

Having insight into Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops licensing is important to managing and operating a digital workspace solution and will help with:

Managing solution uptime and reliability: For on-premises deployments, running out of licenses can result in a service outage for end users. Staying on top of license file expirations and overages is important to keeping your deployment healthy.

Maintaining business compliance: Managing compliance requirements and processes is a reality in today’s business world. Organizations need insights and efficient tools to report into what software assets are owned, deployed, and in use. A strong compliance process helps mitigate business risk of audit and license overage fees.

Mitigating solution cost: Understanding license usage trends helps you forecast future license usage costs and purchases, allowing you to right-size your Citrix offering to best meet business needs and objectives.

New enhancements to the Licensing Center in Citrix Cloud, combined with new capabilities on the on-prem Citrix License Server, help organizations simplify management of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops licensing, regardless of deployment type.

Easier Navigation of Licensing

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops comes in a variety of forms to meet a broad range of customer business needs and use cases, so licensing can be a complex to navigate. Multiple editions (Standard, Advanced, Premium) are available, as well as different license models (User/Device and Concurrent). Check out the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops features page for more information on specific offerings.

The new licensing center experience  makes it easier for you to understand which editions and license models are installed and in use across your deployments. License usage is organized and aggregated by edition and license model for clarity, and legacy product editions or versions are mapped to the product editions sold and referenced today. This helps customers understand what they own now and what specific editions they would need to purchase or renew to augment those existing licenses.

Manage Citrix Licensing Across All Deployments

In addition to license editions and models, customers often must manage Citrix licensing across multiple deployments. This cross-deployment management can be due to:

– Mergers and acquisitions
– Migrations from old environments to new
– Test and development environments alongside production environments
– Multi-data center and multi-cloud environments on a regional and global scale
– High availability and disaster recovery sites

Collecting, aggregating and reporting on licenses installed, available, and in use across multiple deployments can be time consuming and tedious. Historically, administrators had to access each license server independently, export license usage, and then combine it in a single, aggregated report. To monitor trends, this process must be organized and managed over time, often across multiple owners, teams, systems and deployments.

Citrix License Server Usage Insights in Citrix Cloud helps by aggregating license usage across multiple deployments in a single consolidated view and by keeping historical records of license usage. With reports now available in Citrix Cloud, customers can easily add multiple administrators to their account view, delegating license compliance and monitoring.



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