Next-gen DCIM Software Holds Insights for Data Center Groups

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by | April 14, 2015

Running a data center is a complex and multi-faceted proposition. Seemingly basic notions like efficiency call for comprehensive monitoring and management beyond power and cooling to IT resources.

Data center infrastructure monitoring and management (DCIM) software helps blend facilities and IT disciplines in the data center. The rise of DCIM use presents organizational problems, however, as traditional facilities or building management teams engage in a tug-of-war with IT over control.

DCIM encompasses many technologies and is therefore not a single data center monitoring concept or tool. Each DCIM tool provides a varied set of features and functionality that monitor and manage the physical assets and resources found in facilities and IT. This breadth of capabilities makes DCIM software selection and deployment particularly challenging. Major vendors like Nlyte, CA Technologies, Raritan, Emerson and others are developing products to address the needs of their respective constituent market segments.



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