Nine Commonalities Among Successful SAM Programs: Notes from the Field

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by | September 11, 2015

Customers that succeed in implementing successful SAM programs tend to have most of the following points in common.

The best-case scenario, is to have these points in place prior to SAM tool selection. Functioning in the role as Sr Project Manager for 2+ years, with a leader in the software asset management (SAM) tool and consulting services industry, has uniquely positioned me to provide some notes from the field on this topic.  Whether you are a consultant, services provider, customer or simply an organization planning to implement SAM on your own, you can benefit from these observations.

Strong Executive Sponsor Support – This point is key above all the others. Programs that have true executive support find a way to overcome struggles that occur in the other areas listed in this post. If you need more support, build a business case, based on the metrics at your company. Start with one vendor, or one software title and prove out the value based on financial savings and risk avoidance. This can quickly help you to strengthen support for SAM.



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