No-one said SAM would be Easy…

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by | March 24, 2016

…but it doesn’t have to be THAT hard!

As anyone embarking on a Software Asset Management (SAM) program for the first time quickly learns, there’s really no such thing as “push-button SAM”. Sure, you can pay a services provider to take away some of the pain, especially if you opt for a hosted SAM platform, but if your organization takes the on-premise route and doesn’t have millions of dollars to throw at professional services, then you need to sit down, buckle up and get ready for a bit of a roller-coaster ride.

That perhaps sounds a bit odd coming from someone whose job it is to try to sell you on Software Asset Management. But let me explain.

Software Asset Management isn’t easy. It never was and it never will be.  The sheer complexity and diversity of software and device usage means that there will never be a push-button approach to SAM (at least, not one that actually works!).



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