No One Trusts Oracle, Shrieks CCL as Cloudy Ball Misses its Goals

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by | January 8, 2015

Oracle’s cloud growth hinges on overcoming “deep-rooted mistrust” of its core customer base. That’s according to software-licensing pressure group, the Campaign for Clear Licensing.

“If Oracle does not address these concerns then the company’s ability to meet its stated $1bn cloud sales target next year, together with the longer term outlook for its cloud computing business, will remain in doubt,” the group has written in an open letter to Oracle and its former chief executive Larry Ellison.

According to CCL press releases from last year, Oracle’s licensing practices are unclear and enforcement and audits are unhelpful.

The group published a survey in November claiming businesses view their relationship with Oracle as “hostile” and are “filled with deep-rooted mistrust.”

CCL has now followed that up with a series of seven steps in its open letter, which it claims customers want Ellison’s software giant to follow. The top-most request is strategic focus – that Oracle focus on customer satisfaction and the “relationship” rather than pure audit revenue.



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