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by | June 2, 2015

In IDC’s 2015 CXIT Survey, 809 respondents were asked to rate the major tasks, reasons, or interactions through which customers engage with vendors.

The number one interaction, higher than support questions, contact centre, or even sales– is pricing. In the software industry, pricing is equal parts science and art, and software customers play an essential role in shaping their own experiences.

The typical software customer experience begins with a license negotiation that is about as fun as buying a used car.

At least in the case of the car, the consumer has information that they can use to figure out if they are getting a good deal.

Very few enterprise software providers that publish a price list, and customers end up believing that they pay what they can negotiate.

Once the software is implemented, the customer must manage the software licenses and stay in compliance with the agreement. The average customer will have hundreds, if not thousands, of software contracts to manage.



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