Open-Source Databases Pose a Threat to Oracle’s Dominance

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by | July 8, 2015

Oracle declared its fiscal 4Q15 and 2015 earnings results on June 17, 2015. The company missed another earnings target and blamed the strong dollar for its performance. However, the growing preference for open-source technologies and databases also plays a crucial role in Oracle’s recent struggles. Dan Wagner, CEO of Powa Technologies, notes that open-source databases “scale and operate extremely well, and they don’t cost anything.”

As noted in Matt Asay’s March 4, 2015, TechRepublic article, NoSQL and Cassandra are two examples of open-source software. As the above pie chart shows, MongoDB dominates the database field, as measured exclusively by the volume of mentions it gets from social media and news articles. Asay adds, “Cassandra is a word used for a wide array of non-database-related topics and so is difficult to accurately filter.” Oracle’s position in the database remains roughly constant, although IBM’s DB2 is experiencing a decline.

The Cassandra database was developed by Facebook to handle its enormous volumes of data. The technology behind Cassandra was developed by Amazon and Google. Oracle’s MySQL, Microsoft’s SQL Server, and IBM’s DB2 are the primary traditional databases present in the market.



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