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by | October 28, 2020

Open Source Software (OSS) development is really coming to the fore and is the most widespread route for software development today.  Up to 90% of all code in software applications today is Open Source – a tremendous development that has taken place over the last couple of decades.

If you want a quick overview; who’s taking part, upcoming standards, commonly used license types etc. then this article gives a good overview>>

We have lots of articles and information available on ITAM Channel. Make a search for ”Open Source” and it gives you plenty of articles to dive into.

Open Source Software (OSS), as a category, is placed at a different technology-layer than the standard software products we normally deal with within SAM/ITAM, but the challenges organization faces and the reasons to have strong processes in place are somewhat similar; license management, compliance, vulnerabilities, GDPR etc. – are all areas that are affected in much the same way.

There are numerous examples on organisations that have been challenged by the lack of control of the OSS environment – British Airways is just one>>

In other words, OSS management is an area where you, as a SAM manager, and with an understanding of the complexities in processes and the governance, are able to make a difference for your organisation.
The standard that will help with managing this – OpenChain – is now formally approved by ISO (the ISO number will be published within a few weeks) and already companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc. has announced their support for the standard.

To provide an overview of the area we will, together with Source Code Control and OpenChain director Shane Coughlan, run a  webinar on November 12>>>
You should invite your colleges and peers in IP, legal, devops and others to join!

Training Course
If you wish to take a deeper dive, we will also run a 3-hour online training course. The training course will be held on November 24 from 13.00 – 16.00.  Learn more here>>


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