Oracle Application User Metric – Best Practices for Remaining Compliant

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by | July 13, 2016

One of the most common, yet easily avoidable compliance issues stems from a customer’s misunderstanding of how license requirements are assessed for the Application User metric by Oracle. Below are some quick wins for gaining some clarity on how Oracle measures its licensing requirements as well as some license management best practices so you do not become inadvertently non-compliant.

A brief overview of the Application User Metric

Oracle has largely standardized on the Application User metric across many of its application programs, be they the home-grown E-Business Suite or technologies added to the portfolio through an acquisition.  While Application User is not the only way to license Oracle applications, it is the most common user based metric. To their credit, as they have acquired companies like Hyperion, Agile, JD Edwards, etc. that historically had a variety of confusing user based license metrics, Oracle has simplified things by allowing customers to migrate legacy metrics to Application User.



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