Oracle Audit Protection – Mitigate Non-Compliance Risks by Crushing Big Rocks First

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by | July 23, 2015

Oracle audits routinely result in tens of millions of dollars in list license compliance gap. While most IT executives know they are not adequately prepared for an audit, they may not believe such a financially destructive outcome is probable for their organization. But first-hand experience is not the best method for learning how to face this reality. If audits are the “not if, but when?” proposition that we suggest, then what is the best way to prepare for an audit?

The High Stakes of a Compliance Gap

Before answering that question, it’s important to understand the ingredients of a multimillion dollar compliance gap:

– First – Oracle’s published list prices are stratospherically high, so it doesn’t take much to result in what would otherwise be a reasonable license fee under standard discounting practices.
– Second – Numerous licensing rules aren’t even documented publicly. Of those that are, misinformation abounds (even from Oracle sales people) regarding how Oracle applies its rules.
– Third – Oracle’s compliance policies enable a broad range of punitive damage, including list back support for the years of infraction and even terminating the customer’s right to use the software.



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