Oracle blasted for ‘blood-boiling’ new licensing clause

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by | August 5, 2015

Oracle has been accused of holding customers to ransom with a “blood-boiling” new clause contained in its licence agreement.

According to one reseller, Oracle has “very recently” introduced a clause which states that if customers fall short on a licence audit, they are expected to either pay up or stop using the products – all within 30-days of being notified.

“It is shocking,” said Anne Stokes, chief executive of Streamwire, which has recently partnered with Oracle rival TmaxSoft. “In 30 days you can just about get someone to sign your holiday sheet or get your expenses signed off. It is very, very aggressive. We’re only voicing what the poor consumers are actually saying.”

According to an Oracle contract available online, the clause states:

“If you breach the terms of this agreement and fail to correct the breach within 30 days after Oracle notifies you in writing, Oracle may end this agreement and your use of programs and/or services ordered.



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