Oracle Licensing: Here are the Biggest Customer Headaches

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by | November 6, 2014

Some of the UK’s largest companies have revealed the headaches they face in their relationship with database giant Oracle when it comes to software licensing.

The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL), which lobbies for clearer licensing for enterprise software users, spoke to more than 100 Oracle customers to ask them about their experience of Oracle’s licensing. Just eight percent felt that Oracle clearly communicates licensing changes, with complaints centred around uncertainty over whether they comply with contract terms.

“Based on our research and conversations over the last six months, we have found that customers’ relationships with Oracle are hostile and filled with deep-rooted mistrust,” said Martin Thompson, founder of the Campaign for Clear Licensing and author of the report.

Here are the licensing issues Oracle customers most frequently report. CCL did include responses from Oracle to the survey findings in its report, but the database company declined to make further comment on the report to TechRepublic.



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