Oracle Moves to Bridge Africa’s IT Gap, Launches Capacity Building Programme

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by | October 15, 2014

Oracle Corporation has launched a skills development initiative for IT practitioners in Africa as a response to the gaps created by the increasing adoption of new technologies by institutions and governments on the continent without a sufficient number of suitably skilled practitioners.
“Today IT holds the promise to promote social inclusion, combat corruption, expand the digital economy and enable stronger links between citizens and governments, businesses and customers, NGOs and the communities they serve.

They can do this and at the same time dramatically reduce costs and improve efficiency. However for technology to support such transformation, organizations must have ready access to people capable of setting up and maintaining these systems,” says Mr Alfonso Di Ianni, Senior VP, Oracle East Central Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With the initiative which consists of four key segments; employee readiness, ecosystem readiness, workforce readiness and youth readiness, Oracle will lend a hand to the private, public and third sectors and help implement a long term skills-gap reduction strategy.



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