Oracle Must Fix “Hostile” Customer Relationships

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by | November 17, 2014

Oracle is guilty of creating “hostile” customer relationships based on confusing licensing agreements, according to a Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) study.

An overwhelming 92% of those surveyed blamed the database giant for failing to communicate license changes, while just 8% described their relationship with the company as ‘acceptable’.

The findings come from a survey of 100 Oracle customers, collected in a CCL report titled Key Risks in Managing Oracle Licensing.

As a result, CCL claimed Oracle customers do not feel in control of license negotiations, adding that inconsistent messages from Oracle over alterations to agreements help move the goal posts to suit its revenues.

CCL founder and report author Martin Thompson said: “Customers’ relationships with Oracle are hostile and filled with deep-rooted mistrust.

“Whilst every organisation entering into contracts must be accountable for the agreements they purchase, a disproportionate amount of risk and management overhead appears to be placed on the customer by Oracle.



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