After Oracle Spat Licensing Campaigners Plan Attack on IBM and SAP

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by | January 28, 2015

The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) has now set its sights on IBM and SAP after going to war with Oracle over its licensing terms.

As the “next most prolific [software] auditors after Oracle”, said the CCL, “We are calling on all IBM and SAP customers with direct experience of the companies’ licensing and auditing practices to share their experience, so that the CCL can direct its activities to the areas that require the most attention.”

Customers of these two can log their experiences through CCL online surveys. The CCL intends to share initial survey findings at its next member round table on 2 February, where it will invite further debate from members and formalise the “focus for an engagement” with IBM and SAP.

“After Oracle, our members overwhelmingly called out IBM and SAP as the next most prolific auditors and vendors commonly associated with testing vendor-customer relationships,” said Mark Flynn, CEO for the Campaign for Clear Licensing.



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