Oracle ULA Negotiation – 6 Key Contract Terms

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by | September 10, 2015

A typical Unlimited Licence Agreement or more popularly ULA between Oracle and the enterprise customer must cover all important contract issues like the customer name, usage rights, range of products covered, caps on support costs and price hold for additional licences, amongst several others. A ULA contract, unless drafted carefully and diligently, can make a serious dent into a company’s finances, especially after the end of the ULA period.

To avoid a serious aftermath and also to manage an ULA well throughout its life-cycle and later, it is important to consider a few critical areas right from the beginning when the favourable T&C’s of the ULA agreement can be negotiated with Oracle. These are as follows:

Negotiate on the Customer Definition

It is important to ensure that the complete organization name is fully listed, including any subsidiaries or parent organization that will be using the software licences that form part of the Oracle ULA agreement. The Oracle ULA agreement must also explicitly state the geographical locations outside the country where the ULA contract is agreed and signed.



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