Oracle Unveils Aggressively Priced Servers

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by | January 22, 2015

Oracle Corp. Chairman Larry Ellison has been competing against rival computer makers based on performance. His new weapon is price.

The billionaire software entrepreneur unveiled new server hardware on Wednesday that he said is roughly half the price of comparable machines sold by Cisco Systems Inc. and others—and is considerably faster.

Oracle said the refrigerator-size system would allow the company for the first time to go after a much broader audience of server buyers, rather than focus on customers that need extra computing speed for jobs like sifting through large databases.

“We’ve never really competed for the data-center core,” Mr. Ellison said at an event in Redwood Shores, Calif. “Now we have a new strategy.”

The server market is one of the most intensely competitive parts of the technology industry. Many manufacturers now offer systems that are largely interchangeable, in part because they use compatible chips from Intel Corp. or Advanced Micro Devices Inc.



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