Oracle’s Licensing and Auditing Practices hit by Major Flak from New Report

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by | November 4, 2014

Oracle’s handling of licensing has soured relationships with customers, or at least that’s the finding of a new piece of research from the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL).

The report, Key Risks in Managing Oracle Licensing, comprised of a survey of 100 plus Oracle customers, and a roundtable discussion with Oracle and further customers. It found that broadly speaking, Oracle’s licensing and auditing practices have created customer relationships which are largely “hostile and filled with deep-rooted mistrust.”

Of those surveyed – the ranks of which included job roles with labels such as software asset managers, software licensing specialists and IT procurement professionals – 92 per cent said that Oracle fails to “clearly communicate” licensing changes. Indeed, the research also noted that Oracle’s own sales teams are sometimes found working with outdated licensing information.

When asked whether Oracle’s audit requests were “clear and easy to manage/respond to”, 88 per cent of companies disagreed or strongly disagreed. And only 22 per cent of respondents felt that Oracle’s License Management Services were helpful during an audit or contract renewal.



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