Oracle’s PartnerNetwork Membership and Compliance

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by | August 23, 2016

The Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) offers partner organizations various benefits and resources, including the right to use Oracle programs to develop and demonstrate their applications. When used within the restrictions of OPN, these development and demonstration licenses are free and unlimited. If used beyond the OPN limitations, however, full-use licenses are required. During its audits of customers, Oracle routinely scrutinizes use of programs deployed under OPN just as rigorously as they do for full-use production installations. Oracle knows that many customers inadvertently violate the OPN restrictions, and such violations create an opportunity for additional compliance revenue. Customers that wish to reduce compliance risk and corresponding penalties should ensure that they understand what is and is not allowed as part of their OPN membership.

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Limitations

The purpose of free OPN licenses is to allow partners to use Oracle programs to develop and demonstrate an application that will be commercially available to multiple end users. The licenses are intended for developing a product that works with Oracle and securing intent to sell that product.



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