People are Patching Windows but not Their Apps

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by | October 3, 2016

The good news? People are keeping Windows up to date and patched. The bad news? They are a lot sloppier about the apps they use on their Windows PCs.

According to a new report from Secunia Research in its Country Reports, covering Q2 2016 for 12 countries, the number of unpatched Windows machines has declined to just 5.4 percent, which is a sizable drop from the 6.1 percent of the first quarter. In Q2 of 2015, that figure was 10.3 percent.

However, users are a lot more lackadaisical about non-Microsoft programs. The number of unpatched non-Microsoft programs rose to 12.6 percent of users with unpatched programs in Q2, up from 11.9 percent in Q1 this year, and up from 11.3 percent in Q2 2015.



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