Peter Beruk

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by | January 13, 2017

Peter Beruk is has been in the IT Asset Management (ITAM) space for over 25 years. During that time, he worked for software vendors including McAfee (now Intel), and vendor focused trade associations including BSA. Peter has advocated during his career that there must be a better approach to software management. During his time at BSA, Peter was instrumental in creating their ISO-aligned ITAM programs that were first to bring the concept of audit forbearance to the marketplace if organizations committed to standardized ITAM. During his time at BSA, he also joined the ISO working group responsible for the ITAM standard (ISO 19770), where he advocated the tiered approach to ITAM (19770-1:2012). During his time at 1E, Peter was their SAM Subject Matter Expert and continues his role in ISO SAM as the Secretary of the working group. He is an expert in audit defense negotiations and has a leadership position in implementing SAM processes to reduce, eliminate audits utilizing 1E ISO Process Implementation and Certification.


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