Pondering the Fate of Open Source & Software Licenses

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by | February 2, 2015

As major software providers transition to subscription models, what becomes of open-source suites?

Call it lack of planning, miscommunications, or whatever you want, but when IT comes up short on funds for new computers and software licenses sometimes users are left hanging. This doesn’t have to be the case.

In one particular organization I’m thinking about, IT took a rather haphazard approach to migrating users from Exchange to Office 365, implementing numerous domain names from various business units. Now the lack of structure is coming to a head at a cost and with some pain. IT is expected to fulfill the organization’s computing needs but has no money to spend and no licenses to spare.

If you were in the IT manager’s shoes, what would you do? You could wait, arrange or beg for funds, use 30-day free trial software with the hope to purchase licenses… or you could use Apache OpenOffice, a free, open-source collection of office productivity tools compatible with Microsoft’s Office suite

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