Is Poor Procurement Data Quality Killing Your SAM Tool Investment?

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by | April 5, 2016

Today we are seeing a trend across organisations experiencing major issues with generating value from their Software Asset Management (SAM) tool investment. Significant time, resources and funds have been assigned to deploying an enterprise-wide solution that is expected to deliver automated license compliance reporting and provide visibility on optimisation opportunities. And that is exactly what it should do. So what makes accurate reporting so difficult?

Investing in a solution that provides transparency and automation across software license management, usage, and compliance is now considered a must-have for organisations. Attempting to manually control your software legal and financial risks is impossible, mainly due to the complexity with understanding the different and ever-changing metrics, rights, and obligations across each individual software product you’re using. While the overall cost to deploy this solution is not for the faint-hearted, if designed and deployed correctly with the proper processes in place, you can expect an ROI while fully enjoying the ongoing benefits those SAM tools have to offer.



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