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by | August 20, 2019

Cost is one of the most important aspects of the cloud and can have a massive impact on your business. Azure has several tools available to help you get a better understanding of cloud spend and some best practices that you can leverage to help you save money.

This 1h 14m training provided by Microsoft gives you a good understanding of options, optimization and best practices for savings on infrastructure and licensing costs

You will:
– Learn the different options you have to purchase services
– Estimate costs with the Azure pricing calculator
– Predict and optimize costs with Azure Cost Management and Advisor
– Apply best practices for saving on infrastructure costs
– Apply best practices for saving on licensing costs

An understanding of your options within Azure infrastructure components

Overview of sections and time spent:
Introduction – 2 min
Purchasing products and services – 5 min
Factors affecting costs – 5 min
Estimate costs with the pricing calculator – 15 min
Predict and optimize with Cost Management and Azure Advisor – 15 min
Estimate the Total Cost of Ownership with the TCO calculator – 8 min
Save on infrastructure costs – 10 min
Save on licensing costs – 10 min
Summary – 4 min

Start the training from the Microsoft site>>>


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