Professional re-usable software principles for the Public Sector


by | January 26, 2017

This document is an OpenUK & OFE / COIS initiative supported by contributions from FSFE, EU and UK Open Source communities. Editorial provided by Stuart J Mackintosh, Basil Cousins and Martin Callinan SFE, EU and UK Open Source communities.

This document is designed to:
• Enable the reader to gain a balanced view of how and when to use Free & Open Source solutions
• Inform the reader about the wide freedom of choice of software applications and vendors
• Increase value delivered by existing technology providers and increase return on investment
• Help find resources, case studies, applications and tools
• Highlight risks associated with closed and proprietary software, and strategies to manage these risks
Executive summary

The need to reduce operating costs, demand to become more efficient, and to provide more integrated services causes challenges for the public sector. This publication proposes that one strategy is to implement methods and approaches that enable re-use of technology investments, best practice, design and intellectual capital. The key enabler for this re-use is the integration of Open Source software coupled with Open Standard interfaces. The intention of this publication is to help the reader understand that these tools are proven, are in every day use, are mature and capable, and to explain how they can be professionally implemented within an organisation.


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