A Question of SAM: What to do if You Get Audited by Microsoft?

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by | August 12, 2016

With software audits becoming commonplace, Stuart Robertson explains what to do if you get the dreaded email entitled ‘Microsoft Software Asset Management Review’.

Is this really happening?

Microsoft has recently been sending an increasing number of audit requests in the form of letters, emails, and phone calls to businesses and enterprises across the United States. In case you were wondering, these are genuine, and they often come with pointed subject lines like ‘Microsoft Software Asset Management Review.’ As if that weren’t enough, you’re likely to see an attached Excel document that says ‘Deployment Summary.’

Yes, some audit-related emails you receive might be scams, and Crayon can help you ascertain which are which. This is a particular problem for more than 1 million SMB and mid-sized US customers who’ve recently been sent notice that Redmond needs to take a look at and review their software assets. Even for large enterprises who deal with Microsoft on an annual basis as part of their licensing agreements, such software audits are becoming the norm.

SOURCE: crayon.com


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