Rafael Aniello on ‘What are your thoughts on Oracle’s Perpetual License plans?’

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by | September 3, 2015

As part of this month’s SAMPanel, we asked Rafael Aniello of SIA Partners to share his thoughts on the Perpetual User License plan Oracle is potentially introducing.

Here was his response…

From the SAM point of view, if my first impression is right, the PULA could be a good thing because of the yearly asset that will make customers more aware of what they are buying but …

… but everything will depend of the possibility to adapt dynamically the use and purchase of software without pushing customers to use licenses in an uncontrolled way with dangerous side effects (as it happens in ULA).

I’ve always been very sceptic on “all you can eat contracts” and in general the choice to subscribe an ULA should be made very carefully.

The first impression I had reading this announcement is that PULA should not be compared to ULA.


Because ULA is not the only way to subscribe/buy Oracle licenses there is the “buy as you go” approach too.

This kind of “way to purchase” requires more SAM skills because you have to dig deeper in the DNA of the company but you can obtain a full customized licensing.

In fact the SAM analysis make us possible to draw the “profile” of the company from the software point of view, each profile is different and depends from the specificity of the company (grow rate, core business, number of employee, skills on alternative technologies and so on).

The result of this analysis shows that often the “buy as you go” can make important savings, and by the way, can increase the ICT maturity level of the company.

“Buy as you go” means that you buy licenses only when you need it: it can be obtained managing carefully your license stock and, as a result, will dissuade the uncontrolled increase of licenses use.

In conclusion, I think that PULA could be a good way to license Oracle products but the reasons to use it are very different from the one that make you choose the ULA contract and I will welcome it if it will allow us to use a  “buy as you go“ approach more easily (and cheaply).

About the Author:

rafaelRafael Aniello | Head of CIO Advisory Sia Partners Italy | LinkedIn

With technical and managing background, Rafael has been involved in System Information transformation and project/program management, driving and implementing strategic changes to public and private customers in a wide range of business areas. Actually, he is involved in CIO advisory with special focus on ICT performance and Software Asset Management.


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