So You Received a Software Audit Letter – 8 Steps You Need to Take Right Now

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by | June 17, 2016

Software publishers are earning millions of dollars in license revenue annually by targeting organizations for audits. With complex IT environments and intricate license metrics, the risk of mis-licensing and subsequently failing an audit grows every day. Receiving an audit notice can be challenging, but there are several proactive steps organizations can take to reduce their effort during the audit and also ensure that they minimize their exposure.

1. Cooperate with the publisher

As much as you want to turn away and hope the publisher forgets all about you, the trouble will only multiply through inaction. Software publishers make far too much money from audits to simply forget about an opportunity to increase their bottom line.

It is important to review the audit timelines and communicate your plan to the publisher promptly. A strong understanding of your own environment and the license compliance process puts you in control rather than being on the receiving end.



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