Redeploying Old PC Equipment could Mean Higher Profits

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by | March 29, 2016

Redeploying old IT equipment in today’s tough economic conditions could easily result in higher profits. There is no sense in retiring old devices when they are still working and other employees might get some use out of them. This is according to local IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) specialist Xperien.

However, Xperien CEO Wale Arewa warns that before companies start handing out old laptops, it’s important to be aware that redeploying old IT equipment is something that requires the utmost care and attention.

“If you don’t address the security risks, there’s a fair chance your organisation’s most sensitive data might fall into the wrong hands,” he stresses.

A recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that a rising number of intellectual property thefts are attributable to insiders rather than hackers, while 22 per cent of all insider and privilege-abuse attacks take advantage of physical access to storage media.



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