Rival hits out at ‘puzzling’ and ‘complicated’ Oracle licensing models

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by | June 10, 2015

Korean enterprise IT software firm TmaxSoft has criticised Oracle for “puzzling licensing models” and has welcomed the way some customers “are recognising its inability to provide clear licensing and easy-to-manage services.”

The comments from TmaxSoft managing director Joe Kim follow a recent report by Flexora Software which saw Oracle score poorly, even ranked bottom of a number of vendors in many areas.

When asked if a vendor’s applications are easy to manage, apply patches, maintain and upgrade, Oracle scored lowest. The dominant enterprise software vendor also scored lowest when customers were asked if the vendor’s applications and services were reasonably priced.

The criticism follows an open letter published earlier this year which urged Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to improve customer trust and address licensing concerns.

“The enterprise software industry places so much emphasis on cost, benefit and ROI that one might think these are the only criteria upon which customers rate their vendors. But far from it – and looking at the findings of this report, Oracle has some way to go to convince the market it is on their side,” said Kim.

SOURCE: computing.co.uk


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