This Rogue IT Asset is Costing you Money – Here’s How to Spot One

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by | August 18, 2016

It’s not every day you find $21,000 lying around your office. And no, we’re not talking about fixing improper software licensing or avoiding a ransomware attack. We’re talking about your printers.

When one organization took a closer look at its printers, it uncovered 281 so-called “problem devices” – printers that were too old, too expensive, or weren’t being used to their full potential. Refreshing just 153 of those devices could save the company $21,000 a month.

Managing printers effectively is tough, even if you use managed print services (MPS) — unfortunately, many organizations with MPS still have trouble spotting the most costly printers.

It might not be the most dramatic IT change, but assessing your printers can uncover new efficiencies and cost savings that can fuel more strategic IT initiatives. Here’s how to reclaim the excess costs that printers have been siphoning from your budget and get more value from your MPS.



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