SaaS Help Desk Is A Must-Have

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by | June 18, 2015

Cloud based help desk software lets you automate the management of your IT support, customer support, and IT assets. And it’s moving beyond its nice-to-have status and fast becoming a must-have application for companies of all sizes. That’s what my company, ManageEngine, discovered in a recent user survey — and that discovery means different things to different people. We’ll look at the survey revelations and ramifications below, but here’s the key takeaway: Put the right help desk in place, and you will reap substantial rewards in productivity and end-user satisfaction.

Sure, that takeaway might not sound surprising, especially when it comes from a vendor of help desk software, which we are. But here’s the thing. Help desk rewards continue to elude a lot of people.

Some still use email and spreadsheets to manage their end users’ support requests. And others took the plunge and adopted a help desk app only to regret the decision and wish they were still using email and spreadsheets. Why? Because their help desk software creates a big pain in the butt — usually because the software is bulky and bloated, requires extensive customization and results in rigid processes that reduce productivity.



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