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by | May 25, 2016

Internationally Recognised Consultancy for Enterprise-wide Software & IT Asset Management, SAM Charter has announced a new hire as they target growth in the Latin American Market.

Tané Lopez has joined SAM Charter to drive new business and establish strategic partners in the region. As a valued IT professional and her previous experience working for Microsoft, Tané is a fantastic addition to the SAM Charter team.

Speaking on the subject the Owner of SAM Charter, Rory Canavan had this to say;

“I am pleased that Tané saw SAM Charter as an opportunity to take her career to the next level and it is a privilege to work with her. Welcome aboard Tané!”

Ten Step SAM Guide

With increased interest from the Spanish speaking world, SAM Charter will now be providing it’s Ten Step SAM Guide in Spanish. For more information click here.

Upcoming Presentations

SAM Charter will be presenting at the following events over the next 6 months:

BCS/ITAMOrg conference – 9th/10th June, London, United Kingdom

ITSMF NZ – 11th/13th July, Wellington, New Zealand

ITAM Review Annual Conference (US) – 19th/20th Sept, Florida, United States

ITAM Review Annual Conference (UK) – 4th/5th Oct, London, United Kingdom


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