by | February 11, 2016

The upward trend of increasing software audits is in full swing, and as predicted , we are at an all-time-high with a 68% chance of receiving notice of a software audit in the next 12 months. The last year has seen the growth of SAM within organizations as departments outside of IT, such as Procurement and C-level, are brought in to ensure the journey toward effective SAM  is a smooth and easy one.

What of 2016? Find out what the Software Asset Management industry experts believe we can look forward to in SAM and IT Asset Management in 2016.

David Chamberlain, License Dashboard, predicts…

“The demand and appetite for ITAM data will increase considerably this year as more and more departments become involved in the SAM process and organizations realize the importance of said data. IT Asset Management touches the spectrum of an organization’s processes and not only can it improve the processes…



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