Why your SAM Program Needs a PR Makeover …and how to do it

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by | April 12, 2016

If there’s one thing that history in the world of Information Technology has taught us, it’s that the best ideas aren’t necessarily the most successful ones. The difference between the success and failure of many new products brought to market is often great marketing.

Get the value proposition right, convince the audience that they will benefit from what you have to offer and position it at a price (or investment in whatever form) that is perceived to offer great value, and you’ve got a good chance. It doesn’t matter how good you are, failure to do any of these makes your chances a lot less rosy.

I believe the same basic principles apply to Software Asset Management. We’re not talking about the “Why you should buy Snow over SAM solution x,” kind of scenario, but how good marketing is critical to your SAM program. This may be something you hadn’t thought of until now, so here are some basic steps towards the successful adoption of SAM across your organization.

SOURCE: snowsoftware.com


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