by | March 24, 2016

While comical names on boats ( might lead to inner child-like whoops of delight, this particular news event does serve to highlight the value of communication and understanding within stakeholder engagements.

An-often overlooked element of SAM (Software Asset Management) is that of communication.  As a SAM professional, I find this doubly ironic as Information Technology was empowered through its ability to bridge gaps between nations and individuals.  I fear that the advent of all this technology has only served to make us better “shouters”.

Communications is the life-blood of SAM going BAU, if you wish to see long-term traction with your SAM program then the reporting nature of your SAM solution has to be able to remain flexible, timely, accurate and relevant to the needs of your business.

If you believe your SAM Framework could do with a communications overhaul, then please feel free to reach out to me in person, or leave a message below so I can reach out to you (Communication is, after all, a two-way street!).


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